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seo expert salary in India
Price $ 300/Month
Service Duration Minimum 6 Months
Budget Negotiable
Business / Industry Type SEO/Digital Marketing
Marketing / Promotion Details Search Engine Optimization: We help you in Business lead generation through SEO, E-mail marketing, PPC
Start Date / Month Payment date of the month preferable


Today I just want to help you in making any business which you want to start by online working and by promoting your work through online. For the very first time when someone starts their work they might be so confused that how it will be possible and the reason is that they need customers. This is the basic thing that when you have customers you will have best amount from them and to build your business of course you need customers. So what you have to do is you have to first promote your work or your business through different source. You people start making pamphlets and starts pasting it in the wall of the streets and shops. Sometimes you also go to newspaper vendors and tell them to distribute your pamphlets. But in this time did these things are worth it? If you ask me then its totally no. No body cares about these promotion and they are definitely not coming to approach you. So my dear friend I just want to make you understand that if you want start your business then you have to give all of your promotion works to internet. I am sure that you had get lots of suggestion from your society to do so. Trust me this is the actual thing which will help you al lot.

Now you will ask how this will be possible. So I am now going to give you simple and very easy idea to setup your business. You have to contact to SEO( Search engine optimization). They are the expert in this field and they will help you to start your business.

So let me tell how to get connect with these SEO. Lemon web tech is the company which have many SEO which are truly experienced and smart in their work. Trust me they are the best SEO who helped people to reach at best level of success. So can also take help from them to growing your business and make them successful.

Year of Establishment 2012
Nature of Business IT / Technology Services
Number of Employees Upto 15 People
Annual Turnover Upto 10 Million
Minimum Order Quantity 6 Month
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