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BBA industrial training

BBA internship in ranchi, Jharkhand

BBA Internship specializations one can choose from such as

  • Human Resource Management
  • Finance
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Information Technology
Education Type : Vocational / Professional Course
Eligibility For Training : BBA
Mont of Starting : April, May, June
Course Duration : 45 Days/3 Months / 6 Months
Registration Fee: : Rs. 1000
Training Fee: : Rs. 3000*
Seats : Limited
Location : Singh More, Hatia
City : Ranchi
State : Jharkhand
Recruiter Name : Pramod Kumar
Contact no : 7209831889
Fee Payable To : LEMON WEB TECH
A/C 32730200000172
Bank of Baroda
Hesag Branch
Training Venue : Singh More Chowk, Hatia, Ranchi, Jharkhand
Website :

Benefits of industrial training for BBA students

Industrial training or internship is a work experience that is structured and is related to the students’ educational field. These work experiences are supervised by a professional and the work can either be paid or unpaid. They usually cover some of the credit requirement of the actual course. An internship is even more important when you are in a field like business administration (BBA, MBA).
A very common woe heard amongst job hunting students is ‘how do I gain job experience if nobody hires me’ the answer is an internship. An internship gives you actual work experience and it also has various other benefits like-

  • Career exploration– You get to work in an actual workplace and understand how things actually work there. You come to know about more branches of your body of study. It also helps you figure out if you really like the field or if it matches your expectations.
  • Skill development : In an experiment conducted on 850 students by Dr. Deslaurier where he divided the students into two groups, one taught by theoretical method and other by practical problem solving method the latter performed well. Hence proving that the practical method was in fact a better way of teaching students. This obviously does not dismiss the importance of theoretical knowledge but when you work in the field you tend to pick up the tips and tricks of the profession which you cannot learn in a classroom, precisely why companies look for people with job experience. Also working in a professional environment develops work ethics and gives you confidence which are important leadership skills. Not only that but you also get to test your communication skills real time.
  • Networking : This one is obvious, you develop relationship with the people you work with which will help you a lot when you are looking for a permanent job.
  • Professional guidance : Working with a professional adds valuable, practical insight to your theoretical knowledge plus if your mentor like you it helps with the previous cause that is networking.
  • Enhancing your resume : Multiple internships look good on your resume since they make you look experienced.

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