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bca mca training in ranchi jharkhand

Training Technologies Month Duration
Industrial training BCA/MCA/B.Tech/M.Tech/Diploma students C & C++, JAVA, Core-Java, PHP, Ehical Hacking, Web Designing, .Net (Dot Net), Data Structure, SEO, SMO, Digital Marketing september, october, november 4 Weeks & 6 Weeks
Winter training BCA/MCA/B.Tech/M.Tech/Diploma students C & C++, JAVA, Core-Java, PHP, Ehical Hacking, Web Designing, .Net (Dot Net), Data Structure, SEO, SMO, Digital Marketing December,
January, February,
4 Weeks & 6 Weeks
Summer training BCA/MCA/B.Tech/M.Tech/Diploma students C & C++, JAVA, Core-Java, PHP, Ehical Hacking, Web Designing, .Net (Dot Net), Data Structure, SEO, SMO, Digital Marketing April, May, June, July 4 Weeks & 6 Weeks

Why Lemonwebtech

  • Live Project Training
  • Certificates
  • More than 13 years of Industry Experience
  • Placement Assistance.
  • Updated course
  • Weekday/Weekend Batches.
  • Affordable fee structure

Who can apply:
Students pursuing BSc(CS, IT), BCA, MCA, ME/M.Tech(CSE, IT), BE/B.Tech(CSE, IT)
Students Bring his or her own laptop to work

No. of Internships available: 6
Duration: 45 Days to 6 months
Stipend: Rs.5000 /month(for 6 month internship)
Location: Ranchi

Company name : Lemon Web Tech
Industry : IT Industry

Course Fee : Rs. 3,000 for 45 days (c, C++, basic php)
Course Fee : Rs. 5,000 for 45 days – 3 Months(Php)
Course Fee : Rs. 8,000 for 45 days – 3 Months(.Net)
Discount Policy
Group Discount : 4 and above 20% discount

Training Location: Ranchi, Jharkhand
Contact : 07209831889
WhatsApp: 7050599189
Address : Lemon Web Tech, Above Bank Of Baroda, Singh More, Ranchi
Description for “Internship In Ranchi B.E, B.Tech, MCA/BCA/CS(IT)/BSc(IT)
Duration of Training :- 45 Days, 60 Days, 90 Days, 120 Days, 6 weeks, 6 months

R Programming
Cloud Computing
Microsoft 365
Big Data Hadoop
Graphic Designing
Digital Marketing
Embedded System
Machine Learning
Ethical Hacking





Paid internship for BBA,MBA in Ranchi

paid internship for bba mba ranchi

Location(s) : Singh More, Ranchi
Start Month : August, September
Duration : 30 Days / 45 Days / 3 months / 6 months
Stipend : ₹5000-10000 /Month*
Skill(s) required: English Proficiency (Spoken)

Intern’s day-to-day responsibilities include:

  • Develop strategies for digital marketing
  • New lead generation
  • LinkedIn articles, posts, blogs
  • Social media planning
  • short news articles/items
  • Increase overall revenue
  • Analytics

Who can apply:
only those candidates who are available for full time internship

Keyskills : Web Technologies, Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, Marketing,
Fresher, Internship, analytics.

Recruiter Name:Pramod kumar


WhatsApp : 7050599189

Company training is very paramount part of the study for the students who are doing and completing their BBA or MBA. This is the basic and the best thing to look out that when you start doing company training after completing your BBA or MBA then you will have best grow up in your self, You will initially switch to very different and confident person, You will find you version of your self.

We used to stay at home when we are child, We go to school completing our school studies, We are just depended to our parents ,They are the only support in our life in teenage, Then we go to colleges whichever subject we choose suppose that we are choosing and doing graduation and BBA ,We meet so many children and their family and so many new excitements. Teachers are their who teach us, But all of the things which is taught in college is just so theoretical, As it is just college and we don’t know what to do after that, This is the reason which allows us to do companies training, As it is very good confession in front of any corporate work. You will be provided so many facilities which will help you to know every thing about your training and companies, All the practical things are available here.

Now after all these above things we will look after the time and duration of these internship studies, As internship is very small period course you don’t have to spend to much time on this course.

This is very tiny season of time training which is going to give you so many benefits, It will increase your concentration level and also give you best adaptation of your self. Generally internship is of 2 or 3 months ,You will just going to enjoy this whole session, It is very important time, at the same time it is very crucial and reading time for those students who are very hard working. If you are so concentrated and hard working as well as loyal to your work then you will definitely go best job for your self.

Note: Stipend are for those students who enrolled for 3 to 6 month in our company

Why internship is necessary for BBA/MBA students – Ranchi

Locality : Singh More, Hatia road, Ranchi
Role : Digital Marketing /Content Writer/ Managing an SEO
Languages known :  English
A great Opportunity for BBA/MBA students in ranchi who are interested to do internship on stipend of 60days/6 Month in the field of Digital Marketing/ Retail/ HR / Sales and Marketing.
Location : Ranchi
Employment Type : Contract(30days to 90 days)
Role : Fresher
Industry : Digital Marketing
Stipend : Rs 5,000 to Rs 15,000
Function : Web Marketing(SEO,SMO)
Experience : Fresher
Interested students please share their CVs at seopramod@gmail.com or call 7209831889
bba mba internship ranchi jharkhand
● Internship Course in Marketing Management- 30 days/ 45 days / 6 months
● Internship Course in HR Management- 30 days/ 45 days / 6 months
● Internship Course in Retail Management- 30 days/ 45 days / 6 months
● Internship Course in Social Media marketing- 30 days/ 45 days / 6 months
● Internship Course in Digital marketing- 30 days/ 45 days / 6 months
● Internship Course in Web Development- 30 days/ 45 days / 6 months

Education moulds the future of an individual. Every educational course consists of theory. Higher education in India can be divided into two categories: Humanities and Science. Almost all subjects of Humanities consist of theoretic concepts only. These subjects are not job oriented. On the other hand there are vocational courses which are job oriented. The demand of these courses are theoretic as well as practical knowledge. One of such courses are Bachelor of Business Administration and Master of Business Administration.

In these courses internship is an integral part of Syllabi. Internship means acquiring work experience either with money or without money. For example the students of Bachelor of Education are required to teach students for about one month as a part of their syllabi but they are not paid for that. On the other hand there are courses like Bachelor of Business Administration and Master of Business Administration which require internship of two to three months. The interns of these courses are usually paid for time they devote for work. Internship is an essential part of Vocational courses. It holds a very important place in Business Administration courses.

“Business means carrying on an activity for earning profit. Carrying on a business involves risk taking.”

Students of every course are required to apply the knowledge that they have learnt to practical situations. Students of BBA / MBA are also required to apply the theoretical knowledge to real life situations. Internship gives them a chance to apply the knowledge that they have acquired in Institutions or universities. To be to the point internship gives:

(i) Experience of real life situations.

(ii) Experience of how work should be done.

(iii) Work ethics of particular industry.

(iv) Knowledge of what the intern wants. Since the intern has to work during the course of internship, he gets to know what he want from himself and what he want from the work that he is doing.

(v) Economic support to the intern since he is paid during internship.

(vi) Work experience which later help him in getting a job. Sometimes the intern also gets a recommendation letter and it paves the way to job.

Hence internship is a unique opportunity and it should not be wasted by a student.

Bba, MBA internship certificate, Industrial Training Institute

By : LemonWebTech
Duration: 3-6 Months
No Of Openings: 5
Internship Type: Digital marketing
Eligibility: B.com/ BBA(Finance)/ M.com/ BA/ B.Sc./ B.Tech (ECE, CS, EEE etc.)/ MA/ MBA-Distance/ HS
Position: Trainee
Duration: 45 Days
Location(s): Singh More, Ranchi
Stipend : Rs. 2000-5000
Skills Required: Sales, Marketing

Executive Name: Mr. Pramod Kumar
Address: Singh More, Hatia, Ranchi
Email Address: info@lemonwebtech.com, seopramod@gmail.com
Telephone: 91-7209831889
WhatsApp : 7050599189

day-to-day responsibilities include:

  • Awareness about the Services/Product
  • Marketing through social media/email/SEO/online leads
  • Lead conversion

Documents Required for :-

1) Updated CV

2) 2 passport size photographs

3) Photo id proof

4) college letter for internship

bba industrial training center in ranchi

bba mba training ranchiCompany training for BBA students is very much beneficial for their welfare, It is the best way to boost up your personality and to receive great knowledge, and this is the only way to learn about the thing which are going to come in your future as employee, here you will be Meeting several peoples, and doing all the work in companies as internship will help you to increase your confidence level.

Another thing in that when you will start doing internship in any companies then you will start realizing that your professional figure. You will have great fun throughout this journey and at the same time you will also have big challenges in front of you. You have to just go through these challenges and get out of those big and small obstacle in your path, You don’t have t worry about these things this will only make you strong. As you are getting out you will get out of the this problems.

Now you people want to know that what are the duration and time period of this internship course and companies training, So first of all let me tell you about its duration of internship and the things which will happen in your internship period. So basically this is not time taking it is not that much lengthy also, You can do it and complete it with great comfort.

As internship is very small period course you don’t have to spend to much time on this course, Generally internship is of 2 or 3 months ,You will just going to enjoy this whole study periods , It is very enjoyable time, Not just enjoyable , it is fun and learning time , When you will able to complete this whole duration, you will get best job. This is also not that much easy for you because there are so many works which has been given to you, But you have to complete it with great ease and patience, You have to be very much committed to your work which will help you to do your work with great comfort.

Projects for BBA, Bcom, BBM, MBA, MEM In Ranchi, Industrial Internship project

Internship Type : Winter/summer
Projects : BBA, Bcom, BBM, MBA, MEM
Training in : Digital Marketing, Insurance sector, HR, E-commerce, SEO.

Location: Singh More, Ranchi
Duration : 45 days / 3 months / 6 months
Stipend : Rs 5000 (only for 6 months training )

How to apply:
Contact Person : Pramod Kumar
Call : 7209831889, WhatsApp : 7050599189
Interested candidates can send their resumes to seopramod@gmail.com

BBA Industrial Training in Ranchi

bbatrainingranchiInternship projects are very useful for the students. As it is the important  part of the any professional studies that’s why students who are doing BBA they need to do this. It will help you to boost your knowledge and experience. Today I will tell you about some of the main points of the Internship projects.

Internship is very exciting and interesting time of your studies course, Every student in college just wait for the time when they will go for internship. It will always help you to groom your personality, Internship is the bridge which help you to cross the platform of new job and career. It will always help you to your professional life and after doing internship you will going to meet new version of your self.

Now I’m going to mention you some of the best points of the internship projects of BBA and importance of internship.

DURATION-First of all we will look after the time and duration of these internship studies, As internship is very small period course you don’t have to spend to much time on this course, Generally internship is of 2 or 3 months ,You will just going to enjoy this whole session, It is very amazing time, Not just amazing and fun time, at the same time it is very hard and learning time for those students who are very much concerned about their life. If you complete your internship with great concentration then you will definitely going to have best job for your self.

While doing any  internship in any company you will gain knowledge about your desired field. These things will going to help you in future while getting any job and while interacting with other peoples, Let me tell you about the projects which are given to you in this training.

These projects are not that much hard to do you will just going to enjoy these projects these projects are very much interesting and amazing. It will help you to get into the world of thinking, You have to just think and then you need to make those projects.

Bca industrial training institute in Ranchi, Six weeks/months winter internship

Eligibility : BCA / BSc(IT) / Diploma
Duration of Training : 45 Days, 60 Days, 90 Days, 120 Days, 6 weeks, 6 months
Job function :  Web developer
Industry : software/ Digital Marketing
Skill(s) required: MySQL, HTML, CSS, PHP, C, C++ ,Java, JavaScript, jQuery

ranchi training

During Training

  • Project requirement understanding and flow of model.
  • User interface design
  • Design services/ products pages as per the requirement.
  • Write articles of customer products and services
  • Website hosting assignment

Bca training institute in Ranchi

Apart from IT work we also provide Industrial training and placement for computer science students.  Our training is based on live project so that we can give the best knowledge of website design, development and promotion.

Students can enroll as per the time frame given by their college placement cell. We are flexible from 45 Days, 60 Days, 90 Days, 120 Days, 6 weeks, 6 months training. Our internship is based upon various technologies like HTML, PHP, Java, SEO, Digital Marketing  etc.

Contact person: Pramod Kumar
Mobile no : 7209831889
Email id: seopramod@gmail.com
Website: www.lemonwebtech.com
Address:  Singh More, Ranchi, Jharkhand

Training for Bca, bsc(it) Btech, Diploma, for cs branch and BBA students in Ranchi

1. Internships in IT Marketing

bbatrainingranchiLocality : Latma Road
Role :    IT marketing
Stipend* :        Rs. 5000*
Min Experience : 0 yrs
Designation :     Digital manager
Job Shifts :         Morning shift
Gender :      Any
Stipend : for 4 month internship students only
Languages known       English ,Hindi
Sub Role          Training
Good Written and Oral english skills






 2. PHP / Mobile App Development Internship

live project training ranchiRole
     Web developer
Min Experience : 0 yrs
Max Experience :  1 yr
Designation :  developer
Stipend : for 4-6 month internship students only
Languages known : English ,Hindi
Stipend* :  Rs. 5000*
Sub Role : Training
Course fee :  Rs 3000

Contact : Pramod Kumar

Call : 7209831889, WhatsApp : 7050599189

Many students around this world have their own definition of training but here I will tell you what is exact industrial training is, After reading this article you will get importance of industrial training and benefits of industrial training. Let me tell you why industrial training is important for students.


Main importance of industrial training, When you are doing and graduation and professional training, You have to be cop up with your surrounding, All of the students are grabbling around ,You just know to be in college, But at the same time when you start any industrial training, It is give you exposure about the world and you will get to know many things about your industry.

You are some how going to work In the industry and you have to know about all the equipment and another things about industry. Doing industrial training you will get meet so many people and you will get to learn about all the equipments and many more things. It will give you liberty to work in the field and in any industry and company. It will give you every comfort to interact your self with the world. You will just get out of your comfort and be so raw and tough to face the world.

Now let me tell you some of its benefits.


The very first thing is that it will give you assurance of safe and secure job, If you are doing industrial training, That will make you professional and give you mature training which will help you to get job very easily. Every company and industry wants new and experienced employee in their company, and when you go their with industrial training resume they will surely take you in their company. So I just suggest you if you have to do industrial training.

industrial training for bca, btech, bba, mba students, Ranchi


Company : Lemonwebtech.com
No Of Openings: 5 Internship
Eligibility: BBA /MBA /english honours
Position: Trainee
Duration: 54 Days
Location: Ranchi :
Stipend: Rs. 5000
Skills Required: Content Writing, Article Writing, Blog Writing, Creative Writing, online Marketing
Contact Person : Pramod Kumar
Call no : 7209831889
email : seopramod@gmail.com


Company : Lemonwebtech
No Of Openings: 05
Internship Type: Office Internships
Eligibility: Diploma/BCA/B.Tech/M.Tech/B.Sc(It)
Position: Web Developer
Duration: 3 Month
Location: Ranchi
Stipend : 5000*
Contact Person : Pramod Kumar
Call no : 7209831889
email : seopramod@gmail.com

IMPORTANCE OF INDUSTRIAL TRAINING-Industrial training is the very important and beneficial part of any professional course. If you are doing graduation from any of the mechanical stream and you are doing engineering then its very important to be mature enough to do industrial training. Industrial training is a part of any professional course.
INTERNSHIP-It is a kind of internship. You will get to know so many things in this journey. Some industrial training are very small and it take very short period of time to get it complete. Those short period programs are really good and help us to collect knowledge very fast, It will also help us to get all the best learning in very short time. It all depend on industry how much time they are giving you to understand the training.
For your secure future you need to do industrial training It will help you to get to know so many peoples around you, And also enhance your knowledge.
PROJECTS-Their projects are very easy and very interesting to do. It will also give you assurance for job because after doing this training companies will start hiring you. They will give you very easy and comfort projects, Some how these projects are also very toughs per as your interest because you people were very unknown about that but soon you will gain lot of experience to write those projects and you will easily be able to do lots of projects, Their projects are very important for your grooming and intelligence, You should need to do it for your benefits.
BENEFITS OF INDUSTRIAL TRAIING-Let me tell you why companies and industries needs professional persons ,So that they will not need to give you training about their field ,After doing this you will surely get to much knowledge which is more than sufficient to get any job for fresher’s. So I just suggest you have to do this training if you are BBA student. This is the best way to gain knowledge about your future jobs.

Winter Training Program MCA, BCA, M.Sc (IT) B.Tech (CS/IT) & Diploma courses students

Contact Person: Pramod Kumar

Contact Number : 7209831889, WhatsApp : 7050599189

Are you looking for winter internship or industrial training for computer science in Ranchi?  If yes we have various courses for CSE/CS/IT/MCA/BCA/B.Tech CS/B.Sc(CS) Engineering Students, diploma students.

Key Features

  • Work on Real-time Projects depending upon the client requirement and rights to the project.
  •  Students work in a tight schedule

For which course training program is about?

It is about web development training for computer science and Information technology students. Students have to take intern about HTML, CSS, BOOTSTRAP, PHP and MySQLi.

Is there any time duration of the training?

Yes depending upon college requirement one can take training from 2weeks to 6 months. You have three option morning, afternoon and evening time.

Who can join?

College students first – fourth year.

Beginners who have no prior experience.

Diploma students, bca students, btech students, mca, Mtech students can join.

Designation:- Technical Trainee
Duration:- Min-30 Days to 6 Months.
Training Type:- Employment + Technical + Project Training

When is the program starting?
Ans. program will start in two phase
Phase 1. September, October, November,  December, January.
Phase 2. February, March, April, May.

What is the Class time?
Ans. 9 AM – 12 PM (this is temporary schedule, may change in future)

How do I register for the program?
Ans. Pay Rs 3000
ACCOUNT NO : 32730200000172
BANK : Bank of Baroda

Do I need to carry laptop for the course?
Ans. Yes, It is compulsory to carry your laptop.

Winter Training in Ranchi Stipend

Stipend after 3 months : Rs 6000

* IF eligible then only Apply

Applicants should have scored a minimum 65% and above in Class X, XII and minimum 70 %  in Graduation / Post Graduation

  • Registration Fee Rs 1000
  • Seat Reservation /Course Fee Rs 10,000
  • Balance fee to be deducted in 3 installments from your salary while you will be working for company
  • Only for students who apply for 6 month industrial training

After completion of 3 months of training To Get An Offer : 3 Rounds Process 

Round 1 : Face to Face / Telephonic Interview

Round 2 : Co Cubes : Aptitude, English , Quantitative Aptitude , Computer Fundamentals , Analytical Reasoning / Logical , Please prepare accordingly

Round 3: Written Test

BCA / MCA / BTech 30 days / 6 Weeks/ 6 Months Summer/Industrial Live Project Training Ranchi

bca mca training ranchi

Lemonwebtech, Ranchi prides to provide the Industrial training program for the students of Birla Institute Of Technology, Indian Institute of Science and Management, The Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India University, ICFAI University, Ranchi, Ranchi University, Ranchi, Nirmala College, Ranchi, Sai Nath University, Ranchi, Doranda College – [DC], Ranchi, Doranda College – [DC], Ranchi , Jharkhand Rai University – [JRU], Ranchi, Amity University, Ranchi, Yogada Satsang Mahavidyalay- [YSM], Ranchi for the fresh BCA, BE, B.Tech, MCA, BBA, MBA.

Programme Features:

  • R & D Project
  • Customer requirement understanding
  • Business structure of client
  • Understand product specification and convert it in to design/development
  • Project delivery and testing phase


  • Graduates: BCA / B.S.C (Computer Science) / B.Tech (CSE/IT) / B.E (CSE/IT)
  • Postgraduates: M.Tech / MCA / M.S.C (CSE/IT)


  • 30 Days / 45 Days / 6 Weeks/6 Months Training

For more details Call us on +91 7209831889 OR WhatsApp 7050599189

  • WhatsApp No : 7050599189