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Traffic in real life is that busy road where vehicles cannot surpass each other. In the world of technology traffic refers to huge amount of data that is sent by users to the main server. Why am I dealing with the topic how to generate traffic? Because it's simple, make a website, give its links, let the people open it and you are done. Simple!!! Well not that simple. Yes, the two things are same, making of website and giving of links. But why people will open an ordinary looking website? Almost all websites appear same. But it is there content which make them different and unique. People get attracted to the content and they follow only those things which are fresh and unique and so the content also need to be frequently updated. The URL of the website can be given on social networking sites. It will promote the website and people will be prompted to visit the webpage. Guest blogs about the website surely help in promoting the website. If you can spend some bucks then hiring a qualified SEO consultant will serve the purpose of generating traffic. SEO know the latest ways to get the site to the top of search engine. But if one can generate good content consistently, it will increase the links and visitors to the site. Making videos and uploading them to YouTube also help in generating traffic.


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admin April 6, 2020